Meandering Punches

Just a light-hearted take on some useful tools.  Intermediate step was to colorize the punches.



Colorful Pipe Spin

I had in mind to create an abstract photo from some short pieces of metal pipe, so I cut some pipe, taped some pieces together so they would stay in place, dipped them in water to add some texture, and added some metal background objects. I liked the result, then decided to put a colorful spin on it. Here is the colorful spin along with the original photo. Both a bit abstract.


Wire Brush

This image began as a black/white photo of a round wire brush – the kind you would use to clean a chimney. The photo was taken using a 35mm film slr camera and I processed the film by using photo solutions in a dark room, developed it into an 8×10 photo, then scanned the negative into my computer. Kind of a bland photo, but an attempt at an abstract. Using some digital manipulation, I took it a little further into the abstract realm and created the image you see here.